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Planning a wedding during the war against Coronavirus

The fight against Corona virus is proving ruthless across all spheres of life. Wedding planning takes time and sometimes years of planning. Across the globe, we have read about the countless numbers of weddings that have been drastically affected, with many losing out on the monies that they have already paid.

This is a life changing experience for all.

Will this set a new normal for weddings, going forward, once restrictions are lifted?

One can only guess what life will become and what the new norms will entail.

But one thing remains for certain, Love does not cease; love does not go out of existence which means there will always be weddings. However, there are definitely going to be deep economic hardships across the globe which means many will cut back on their wedding costs.

We at For PanDa will adapt and assist with alternative packages for any couple who still want to have their dream wedding at one of our villas in the coming years. While there is definitely a lot of uncertainty for the rest of 2020, we still offer discounts on our packages and we are also open to receiving requests from couples to create their dream wedding.

Having your dream wedding in a private villa gives you peace of mind for a number of reasons, namely that you are surrounded by people that you know within a private villa, without having strangers lurking around, you are able to ensure that the premises are cleaned thoroughly and you are more in control of your own wedding.

Get in touch with us to help you still create a wedding day that will be as special as you can make it.


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