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Wedding Protocols from May to July 2021 announcement

Note: Cyprus is currently on a short lockdown, since April 26, and it is expected to last until May 10. We will keep you posted on all new announcements.

On 13 April the Cyprus government announced that as from May 17 weddings can now take place under the following protocols:

First phase:

Between May 17 to 31, up to 75 people can gather indoors or 200 people outdoors. However, cocktail parties are not allowed.

Second phase:

From June 1 to June 14, outdoor cocktail parties will be allowed for a maximum of 250 people. Up to 280 guests will also be allowed to gather outdoors for lunch or dinner and the total amount of guests allowed for indoors will be150.

Third phase:

From June 15 to June 30 a maximum of 250 people will be allowed indoors for a seated meal or an outdoor cocktail party. And up to 350 guests will be allowed for a lunch or dinner outdoors.

The numbers will increase to 400 from July 1 to July 30.

In all phases, the relevant health protocols must be followed.

Please note that protocols are subject to change as announced by the Cyprus government.

For Panda Dreams looks forward to planning your wedding.



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